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ISO 10726:1992 download.Portable chain-saws – Chain catcher Dimensions and mechanical strength.
ISO 10726 pcc1flc3 thc mcchonlcal strength and dimension requirements, and the corresponding test method for the chain catcher of chain-saws.
2 Dimensions
The chain catcher shall be positioned as far to the front or the saw body as practicable and shall extend at least 5 mm from the centre-plane of the guide- bar. See figure 1.
3 Requirements
The chain catcher itself. Its mounting and the saw body shall not have any tears or cracks when tested in accordance with clause 4 The catcher shall also meet the dimensional requirement in clause 2
1 The catcher may bend during the test
2 II Ii recognized that a chain catcher my serinusly damage the saw chain upon contact. Ills recommended that the chain catcher should be made of a material that will not needleuly darn the chain.
4 Test procedure
4.1 The test temperature shalt be — 25 0C ± 3 C. unless the chain catcher, its fastenings and the saw body are of metal, In which case the test may be cutiducLed at worn lempetalute.
4.2 The catcher shall be attached to the saw In a normal way. During the test the saw shall be fixed, upside down (see figure 2). by its handles.
4.3 The catcher shall be struck once with a pendulum hammer, This pendulum shall have a steel head with a flat strike face, with a width of 7 mm ± 0.2 mm, and an arm with a length giving
700 mm ± 5 mm distance between the swivel point and the centre of the head (see figure 2). The arm shall be as light as possible. The pendulum system shall raus an impact forr. nf 75 J ± 0.3 J from a drop height of 300 mm The direction and the contact of the blow shall be along the guide-bar centreplane.

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