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ISO 9192:1991 download free.Lawn and garden ride-on ( riding ) tractors One-point tubular sleeve hitch.
ISO 9192 speclf3os the requirements for the connection of Implements or attachments to the rear of lawn and garden ride-on (riding) tractors by means of a one-point (single pin connection) hitch In association with a manual or power lilt system. Standard dimensions for hitch point location, hitch tube and Implement yoke are laid down to ensure the connection of specific Implements or attachments.
It applies to lawn and garden ride-on (riding) tractors as defined below.
2 DefInitions
For the purposes of ISO 9192, the following definitions apply.
2.1 ,ide-on (riding) machine; lawn and garden tractor; turf (riding) tractor: Sell-propelled machine on which an operator rides, designed primarily for cutting grass and auxiliary garden work The culling means may be an integral part of the machine or suspended from or attached to the machine’
2.2 Gnral (see figure 1)
2.2.1 hitch point Q:
a) Pivotal point of connection of hitch to tractor.
b) Actual point of connection to tractor when Implement Is attached.
2.2.2 Implement yoke ®: Clevis-shaped pail attached to Implement, constructed to fit loosely to hitch tube and secured by hitch pin.
2.2.3 implement connection point ®: Connection between the hitch and impement.
2.3 HItch components (see figure 1 and figure 2)
2.3.1 hitch pin 0: PIn that connects implement to the hitch.
2.3.2 hitch tube C!): Tube portion on the hitch which receives the implement yoke
2.3.3 hitch bail 1.!): Portion of the hitch assembly containing hitch tube, stabilizer bolts, and holes for connection to tractor frame at hitch point.
2.3.4 stabilizer bolt 0: Bolt that is used for adjusting clearance between hitch bail and implement yoke.
2.4 HItch dimensions (see flgure 2)
2.4.1 lIft range: Range of vertical adjustment plus the power range. Adjustment may be provided In the bt? linkage, hitch point or both.
2.4.2 powec range: Total vertical movement ol the hitch measured at the hitch tube and excluding any vertical adjustment in the hitch lift linkage.
2.4.3 attachIng pointltyre clearance: Horizontal dlmension between the centreline of the hitch tube
and the outside diameter of the tractor tyre when the hitch is lowered.
2.4.4 Implement levelling: Means provided for adjusting the implement for level operation while working, generally accomplished by adjustments built into the implement where required. Levelling may also be provided within the adjustment of the lilt linkage and hitch point.
2.4.5 attachment: Optional assembly of components that can be mounted on a lawn and garden ride-on (riding) tractor for a specific use.
3 DimensIons
3.1 Implement
Dimensions relating to the implement shall be as given In figure 2 and table 1.
1 Mean. should be provided In implement design to allow levelling of Implement when at its normal worldng depth
2 When Implement mass adversely affects the lengthwise stab4lity of the tractor, front end ballast should be made avaélable and Its use recommended
3.2 Tractor
Dimensions relating to the tractor hitch shall be as
given In figure 2 and table 2.
4 Tractor lift force capacity
A minimum lift torce or i.e kN shall be available at the Implement-attaching point
5 Manual fltt effort
Lift handle elTon should not exceed 180 N.

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