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BS EN ISO 9000-3:1997 download free.Quality management and quality assurance standards Part 3. Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001: 1994 to the development, supply, installation and maintenance of computer software.
The pail of ISO 9000 sets out to litate the application ci ISO 9001:1994 or organizations developi,g. splying. wietaifrig and meatawing ocrruter software, It does riot add to. or olbeiwlee change. Ow requ.emer4s of
ISO 9001
The part at ISO 9000w viol ivivended to be used as assessment cntena in quality system regefrabowcertfpcation.
2 NormatIve references
The lollowing standards Corliam provisions wch, through reference in this text, ccnstiMe provisions of this pail of ISO 9000. At the lime of publication, the edeona indicated were va Al standards ste wbcl Ia revision, and pasties to aesme. lii based on this part of ISO 9000 are encouraged to investigate the poasbity of applying the most recent edition of the standards wiated below Members of IEC and ISO nwWivain registers of currently valid International Standards.
ISO 8402:1994. Qualify management arid quality assurance — Vacabub.vy
1809001:1994, Oiaalty systenw — Model lot Qualify assurance in design. dewr,t. production, w.stataflon arid
3 DefInitions
For the purposes of the pert of ISO 9000. the definition. even m ISO 8402 arid the followeig defewlons apply.
3.1 product Result of activities or processes.
NOTE I A product may rehida service. hardware, proce.s.d iweeflali. .ollwwe or a coenUon thereof, NOTE 2 A product can be tanile (ej. Usevrtli.s or processed maleitois) or 1*angb (.. knowledge OrC..W). or a oombwishon thereof, NOTE 3 For lie puiposes at this Intemabonal Standard, the term pioducr applies to lie ntend.d product olering onty and not to unlnlended by-prodi.a aftcWig the irwlrorwneM This cetera from the daireaon v.n in ISO $402
1180 9001J
3.2 lander: Offer made by a supplier in response to an invitation to satiety a contract award to provide product.
Quality plarvwng should ad&ess the folowing Iteme, as apwvpn.te
a) quality requirements. expressed si measurable temie. where awopnal.
b) Itie life cycl, model to be ue.d for software debelcpmen(;
c) delined cfltena lot 51511mg and ending each pro.ct phase;
d) identiticabon of types of reviews, tests and oilier ventcation and valdaticn actvb’mes to be carried out;
e) idenliticalion of Configuration management procedures to be carried out;
f) deted plarmang (ancloding echedubs. procedures, resources and approval) and apacdlc reaponsabileies and authonbes lor
– conhguretionmanegeme
— verdicalion and vabdatrnn of tieveloped products,
— verCation and validation of purchased products.
— verdicabon of customer-supplied products.
— control of nonconlomwg product and corrective action,
— assunng that activities deecl*)ed m the quality plan are carried out
A quality plan provides the means for tadoring the application of the quality system to a speclhic profect product or
A qualey plan may inchide or reference generic and/or proectroducVcontract-specific procedures, as pppropnste. A quality plan should be updated along with the progress of the development, and Same concerned with each phase should be coniplately defined when stalling that phase.
A qualey plan should be reviewed end agreed by aS organlzallons concerned in its mtemer5aq,on.
The document that desates a quality plan may be an WIdependarit document (entitled quality plan), a part of another document, or COnQoeed of several document*
A quality plan may nehide, or reference, the plans for urie mfegrahon, system and acceptance tests- Guidanc, on lest ptarwwg and the lest .nvwom’leqtl is provided as part of .nepec1mn and testing.
NOTE — Guldenc, on quality pt.vw ge’en m 80 10005 end on configuration niegenwna WI ISO 10007. For further Intoimabon, see ISGIEC 122071995, subc4eu.ei62te5.3
4.3 Contract review
4.3.1 General
element, as eppd to ictiware development, applicable to the replication. deerwy arid ineldaleon of software darns or products
Where required by contract, th. supplier sho%id establish arid pedorrn the replication procedure:. consideiwig the blowing, to arwure that Ic.lion is conducted coeiectty:
a) dentdateon ci the master arid the copies inctodeig formal. vanant arid version:
b) tee rsinber of copies ci .ach software Item to be delivered;
c) deaster recovery plans incftdng custody of master end back-up copies where applicable:
d) the period of oblegetion of the siipptwr to supply copies and the capabdity of readsig master copies
e) the type ci media for each software item and associated labellm
f) chectis agasist tee posely ci software vlniaes;
g) the stipulation ci reed documentation sii as manuals and user guides. including idw*licaleon and
h) copynt and licensing cotms ackireseed and agreed;
i) contloling the environment under which the replication Is eftected to anew. repeatabdity.
For software product releases, the supplier and customer should agree and docwnerd procedures tw i’iirial and
— reiee
I e recomended that the release ce’ software should establish a baseline th records the tests corTipleled and the reenEwi ci ederitfted defioerwes. Ouantdsiive analyses, to predict system reIatiIty, may be carfled out for software with safely an&or security requrements.
Thse procedures should iticude the blowing:
a) descriptions of the types (ci classes) ci release, depending on the frequency andfot wnpect on the customer’s operations and abdity to irriplemerit changes at any point in tEns:
b) methods by which the customer wit be advised of current ci pla,wied future changes
c) methods to Co.*m that changee iniplemented will not Introduce other Aeleneo such methods should wickide the debemisieteon of the level ci regression tasting to be applied to each release;
d) groed rules to debemwee where localized lerriporary fises tray be incorporated or release ala coirplete updated copy of the software product is necessary
•) reciiremerits or ..cwde indicating which changes have been wrefemented arid at what locations, lot multiple
— and sItes
When wie*alalion of Ite software product is contractualy reqeired. the supplier and customer should agre. on their reepectwe roles, rasponsILes arid obligations, arid such agreements should be docianented. In provkW.g or melalation. consideration should be given to the blowing:
a) the need for validation eei:h inetafletton required by tract;
b) an ireelaletion procedure;
c) a pr&.jr. for approval ci each installation upon conipletlore;
d) ascheclole;
e) acoess to customer’s facilities (eg. security badges, passwords, escorts);
f) avadabilily ci skeled peraonnil;
g) avadabiley of and access to custome?s syslenee and equipment
h) idencilcation 01 what the ask,rrw to provide at th site;
i training for the use ci rise facátws.
NOTE — F hjritesr intoerielon, — ISOAEC 12207:1995, stCIauees 5.3.12 and 6.3.3.
For the purposes 01 thIs past of ISO gooo. se.vsig is recognized as being related to the software terms: maintenance and customer support. Customer support is described In ISO 90002.
Maintenance acilvibee for software products era typically dasasted Into the following.
Problem resolution: this involves the detection arid analysis of software nonoonfomstws causing operational problems, and correction of th underlying software tautte. When resolving problems, temporary tixes may be used to minimize downtwne arid permanent modification, carried out later.
b) Interface ma ketions: thea may be required when additions or changes are made tO the hardware system, or components, controlled by the software
c) Funcbonal expansion or performance Improvement.
For mtertace moddications and functional expansion, depending upon the scale of work, change control procedures should apply, or a new and separate development protect should be initiated, and th. whole cit this part of ISO 9000 becomes relevanl The mnawitsnance actwities described in this clause are therefore bwied to problem resokition (den called cormUive maWtienance).
When maintenance of the software product Is requested by the customer alter Wiltlal delivery and installation, this should be stulated in (he coritract. The supplier should establish and maintain documented proc.dums br perfomnwg maintenance ctivifles and verifying that such activities inset the sp.cdled requirements for maintenance. Maintenance activities may also b. pedormed on the development enworwnsnt. tools and documentation.
The items to be mnaantawied, and the period of time for whCh they should be maintained, should be specified in the contract. The following are exarrptes of such items:
a) program(s);
bI data and thee structures:
c) specifications:
d) documents for customer sndor user
e documents for suppliers use;
f) lesiplans.
Al maintenance activities should be camed out and managed in accordance with a maintenance plan andfor procedures defined and agreed beforehand by the supplier and customer. The plan should include the blowing, as appropnate:
a) scope of maintenance:
b) identification of the initial status of the product;
c) support organization(s):
d) maintenance activities;
e) maintenance records and reports;
f) confIguratIon management activities:
g) proposed releese schedule.
Where appropriate, maintenance activises should be recorded and the records retaIned, Rules Par the submission of maintenance reports should be established and agreed upon by the supplier and cafomer.
The maintenance records should include the following items, as eppropnate, lot eaciti software product being maintained.
a) problem reports that have been received and the current status of each:
b) organization responsible br reepondeig to requests br assistance or eriplementing 11* appropriate corrective
c) priorities that have been assigned to the comrectsve actions;
d) results ci the corrective actions;
e) statistical data on failure ocoirrerices and maintenance activities.
The record of the maintenance activities may be used for evaluation and enhancement of the software product and lot itvrovemerit of the quality system itsel.

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