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BS ISO 20942:2019 download free.Leather-Full chrome upper leather Specification and test methods.
I Scope
BS ISO 20942 specifies requirements, methods of test and methods olsampling for full chrome upper leather. BS ISO 20942 is appIIcabe to upper leather which is used in general purpose sports footwear, school footwear, casual footwear, men’s town footwear, women’s town footwear, cold weather footwear, fashion footwear, infants footwear and indoor footwear.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text In such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of BS ISO 20942. For dated references. oniy the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 2418. Leather — Chemical, physical and mechanical and fastness tests — Sampling location 150.2580. Leather — Saniplsng — Number of Items for a gross sample
ISO 3376. Leather — Physical and mechanical tests — Determination of tensile strength and
percentage extension
ISO 33772. Leather — Physical and mechanical texts — Determination of tear load — Part 2:
Double edge tear
ISO 3379. Leather — Determination of distension and strength of surface (Ball burst method)
150.1045. Leather — Chemical tests — Determination of p8 and difference figure
ISO 4048. Leathtr — Chemical rests — DetermInation of matter soluble In dichloromeihane and free fatty acid content
ISO S39j, Leather — Chemical determination of chromic oxide content — Part 1: Quantification by titration
154021, Leather — Determination of flex resistance — Part 1: Flexometer method
ISDilo4O. Leather — Thsts for colourfastness — Colour fastness to c1es of to-and-f ro rubbing
ISO 11642, Leather — Tests for colourfastness — Colourfastness to water
ISO 14268. Leather — Physical and mechanical tests — Determination of water vapour permeability
150J.2fl20, Leather — Chemical tests — Determination o,f tetrocklorophenol., trkhlorophenol-,
dichloropheno1’ monochlorophenal-;somers and pentachlorophenol content
1S_ 17075-1. Leather — C1,en,lcal determination of chromium(Vl) content in leather — Port 1:
Calorimetric method
ISO 17075.2. Leather — Chemical determinatIon of chromlwn(VI) content In leather — PUrt 2:
Chromatagraphic method
1501.72261, Leather — Chemical deternunation of formaldehyde content — POrt 1: Method using htgh performance liquid chromatography
ISO 17229. Leather — Physical and mechanical tests — Determination of water vapour absorption.
.%fl, dUSV l.JS
ISO 17234-1. Leather — Chemical tests for the determination of certain azo colorants in dyed leathers — Part 1: Determination of certain aromatic omines derived from azo colorants
150172342. Leather — Chemtcal tests for the determination of certain usa colorants in dyed leathers — Part 2: DetermInation of4-amlnoazobenzene
ISO 23910. Leather — Physical and mechanical tests — Measurement of stitch tear resistancet
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
ISO and IEC maintain terminologlcal databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
casual footwear
footwear designed and manufactured as suitable for out-of-work leisure and spare time activities
ISOURCE: ISO 19952: 2005.281
cold weather footwear
footwear designed and manufactured to give specific protection to the wearer during use in sub-zero temperatures and in ice or snow or on frozen underfoot surfaces
Note 1 w entry: Also suitable tot specific cold environments.
ISOIJRCE: ISO 19952: 2005,381
fashion footwear
footwear designed and manufactured for light wear in which style is prevalent
ISOURCE: ISO 19952: 2005,591
general purpose sports lootwear
footwear designed and manufactured as suitable for wear during a variety of non-specialist sporting activities, e.g. ‘ogging, occasional racket sports or court games such as netball and light general training
ISOURCE: ISO 19952: 2005, 4I
Indoor footwear
footwear designed and manufactured as having adequate durability and comfort for wear indoors. around the house, unsuitable for use as a lawn shoe and unlikely to offer protection from inclement weather or harsh wear environments
ISOIJRCK: ISO 19952:2005,881
Infants’ footwear
footwear designed and manufactured as suitable for everyday wear by children from size 1610 22
Note 110 entry: See ISO 19952: ZOOS. 116. ‘Paris Point’,
school footwear
footwear designed and manufactured (or everyday wear at school For children and teenagers from sIze 23 to 38
Note ito entry: See ISO 19952: ZOOS. 116, ParIs point,
(SOURCE: ISO 19952: 2005. 129)
town loot wear
footwear designed and manufactured as suitable for everyday wear at the offIce, for shopping or similar wear environments
Note ito entry: Normally durability and comfort are more important than design or fashion content with this type of footwear.
(SOURCE: ISO 19952: 2005. 161)
upper leather
leather for making the upper part of footwear
4 CharacteristIcs
4.1 Physical characteristics
The full chrome upper leather shall meet the physical characteristics given in Tabigi.
5 Sampling
Sampling of leathers shall be as specified in LS1258. The location of test pieces shall be as specified
in ISQ241a.
6 Packaging and marking
6.1 Packaging
The upper leather shall be packaged suitably as agreed between the interested parties in such a way that IL is protected from, for example, humidity, heat and light.
6.2 Marking
The following Information shall be clearly and permanently marked on the flesh side of leather:
a) area of leather:
b) manufacturer’s identification mark;
c) month and year of the tanning;
d) reterence to this document, i.e. ISO 20942.

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