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ISO 12000:2000 download free.Plasticsrubbec — Polymer dispersions and rubber latices (natural and synthetic) — Dehnitions and review of lest methods.
ISO 12000 gives delinilions relative to polymer dispersions and latices and identifies the test methods applicable for determining the properties of polymer c5spersions, comprising poducls of synthetic or natural origin Including synthetic and natural rubber lailces. Some of the test methods apply onty to polymer dispersions or latices of specific chemical composition or to those to be used for specific applications.
NOTE Where they are not the subject of an elating Inernarional Standard, the Wax methods to be used for rvestçallon of an individi.jai polymer depersacn or latex a have to be me suiecI of agreement belween the .ilereated parties.
2 NormatIve references
The following normative documents contaln provisions which, through reference In th text, constitute plovislons of ISO 12000. For dated references, subsecpienl amendments to. or revisions of. these publications do not apply. However, parties to agreements based on ISO 12000 are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the normative documents indicated below. For undated references, the latest edthon of the normative document referred to applies. Members of ISO and IEC maintain registers of currently valid International Standards,
ISO 351995, Latex iubber, natural, concentrate — Determination of mechanical stability
ISO l23:—, Rubber Latex — SanI’rV.
ISO 124:1997. Latex, rubber— Delennination of Mal solids content.
ISO 125:1990, Natural rubber latex concentrate — Determination otat*aIiriAty
ISO 126:1995. Latex, rubber, natural concentrate — Dtermlnatlor, of thy rubber content.
ISO 127:1995, Rubber, natural latex concentrate — Determination of NON number.
ISO 291:1997, Plastics — Standard atmospheres for conditioning and testing.
1S0471:1995, Rubber — Temperatures. humidities and times for condWionli’ig and testing
ISO 472:1999, Plastics — Vocabulary.
ISO 506:1992, Rubber latex, natural, concentrate — Determination of bvtatlla tafly acid number.
ISO 705:1994. Rubber Latex — Determination of density between 5 V and 40 V.
ISO 706:1985. Rubber latex — Defenmlnation of coagulum content (sieve residue).
ISO 976:1996, Rubber and plastics — Polymer dispersions and ,ubber Iahces — Delermw3abon of pH.
ISO 1147:1995. Plasticsrubber — Polymer dispersions and synthetic rubber tatices — Freeze-thaw cycle stability test.
ISO 1409:1995. Plastics/rubber — Polymer dispersions and rubber lances (natural and synthetic) — Determination of surface tension by the ring method.
ISO 1625:1998. Plastics — Polymer dispersions — D minatton ol non-viabte matter (residue) at specined temperatures.
ISO 1652:1985, Rubber latex — De rrrlnation Of VISCOSIty.
ISO 1656:1996, Rubber, raw natura4 and rubber latex, natural — Determination of nitrogen content.
ISO 1657:1986. Rubber, raw and rubber latex — Determination of won content—I. lO-Phenarflhroline photometnc method.
ISO 1802:1992. Natural rubber latex concentrate — Determination of boric acid content
ISO 2005:1992. Rubber latex, natural, concentrate — Determination of sk.idge content
ISO 2006:1985, Rubber latex, synthetic — Detemunatioi of high-speed mechanical stability.
ISO 2115:1996. Plastics — Polymer dispersions — Determination of white point temperature and mirwsnum hinttorn Wng temperature
ISO 2555:1969. Ptastrcs — Resins in th. liquid state or as emulsions or dispersions — Determination 0$ apparent viscosity by the &ookfieid Test method.
ISO 2811.1:1997. Paints and varnishes — Determination of density — Patti: Pyknometer mefhod
ISO 2811-3:1997. Paints and varnishes — Determination of density — Part 3: Oscillation method
ISO 3136:1983, Rubber latex — Styrene-butacfiene — Determination of bound styrene content.
ISO 3219:1993. Plastics — in the hqwd state or as emulsions or dispersions — Deternw,ation of viscosity using a rotational viscometer with defined shear raw
ISO 3899:1988. Rubber — Nitrite latex — Determination of residual acrylonttiile content
ISO 3900:1995. Rubber — Nitrite latex — Determination of bound acrylonhtrile content
ISO 4576:1996. Plastics — Polymer dispersions — Determination of sieve residue (gross particle and coagulum
1S04656:1985. Rubber — ReinfOrced styrene-butadEene latex — Determination of total bound styrene content
ISO 7780:1998. RUbbers and rubber lances — Determination of manganese content — Sodium penodate
— methods.
ISO 8053:1995. Rubber and latex — Determination of copper content — Photometric method. ISO 9252:1989. Synthetic rubber latex — Microbiological examination.
ISO 13741-1:1998, Plastics/rubber — Polymer dispersions and rubber latices (natural and synthetic) — Determination of residual monomers and other organic components by capiJtaryicotumn gas chromatography — Part I: Direct liquid irrE8ctlon method
ISO 13741-2:1998. Ptasbcsin,bber — Pofrmer c*spers.ions and tubber latices (natural and synThetic) — DmerrnArxation of residual monomers and other organic components by clary-co1umn gas ch natography — Part 2: Headspace method
ISO 13773:1997. Rubber — Po’cNon,p’ene latex — Delem,u,ation of alkalinity.
NOTE Where .idMdual standards Overlap, It is niended hat they will be harmonized by ma T.d’nical Committees
responsible for them. ISOt1C 45 and ISOfIC 61
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes ol ISO 12000, the following terms and d&inltions apply.
a heterogeneous system In which a finely dIvided material is disinbuled an another material (ISO 472:1999J
polymer dispersion (dispersion of natural or synthetic homopolymor and copolymer)
a liquid to semi-liquid material, usually mêy-whlte, contalftng the polymeric material In a stable condition finely
dispersed I, a continuous liquid phase. norrnaly water
the traditional designation for a colloidal aqueous dIspersion 04 natural or synthetic rubber polymer
NOTE 1 Frequently. latex e also used age synonym for polymer dispersions in 9ener
NOTE 2 Polymer dispersions id Iamas are often further explained by adding the designation of the base polymer by nerne or by bresfallon, for Instance polyacrylale dispersion, SBR taxes.
4 Sampling
Sampeng shall be carried out Ii accordance with ISO 123 (rubber latex).
Representative samples ci polymer dispersions and of latices are a prerequisite for reliable and reproducIe
results from the test methods. Therefore the material to be tested must be unIform.
5 ConditionIng
The conditioning and testing atmosphere shal comply wIth the specified test method or referring standard, as applicable. If there are no such requlrements, then samples shalt be conditioned and tests carried out In one f the standard atmospheres specified In either ISO 291 for polymer dispersions or ISO 471 for latices. as appropriate.
7 Preci&on of the test methods used
Details of the prectsion 04 the test method used shall be given Ii a Prectsion clause N the experimental data on which the stated precision ‘s based are included In the standard, the may be placed in an Informative annex, The precision shal be expressed as a percentage of the results ii terms c4 the ?oliowwig:
a) repeatabilify
b) reproducibaly.
8 Test report
The results 01 the individual tests performed on a polymer dispersion/latex shall be recorded in a test report. This shal comply with the requwements 04 the particular International Standard In question, but shal Indude at least the following information:
a) a relerence to the International Standard used for the test;
b) all details necessary to idenWy completely the product and sample tested;
c) the resuls of the test end the conditions of testing:
d) any deviations from the procedure specified;
e) eny iaiusual Incident noted during the test:
f) the date and place of the test.

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