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ISO 14359:1997 pdf free download.Winter-sports equipment Marking of parts made of polymer materials.
ISO 14359 specifies the marking of all separable parts made of polymer materials (plastics), which are used in winter-sports equipment (e.g. ski boots, ski-bindings). It is not applicable to compound materials with duroplastic components (e.g. skis).
ISO 14359 specifies the minimum requirements for identifying materials. This is to enable a complete separation of polymer materials for recycling.
2 Normative references
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of ISO 14359. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on ISO 14359 are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards indicated below. Members of lEG and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
ISO 1043-1:1997, Plastics — Symbols and abbreviated terms — Part 1: Basic polymers and their special characteristics.
ISO 1043-2:1988, Plastics — Symbols — Part 2: Fillers arid rein forcinq materials.
MarkWig shall be stnjctured as tdlows
a) Syitob tor basic polymer niatenals: see table I
b) Material wanant see table I
c) Filler arid r.Edoang maledels see table 2
d) Pcpobonale l4er content as a percentage by mass.
> PAS6-GF3O a) b) C) d)
The syiTtob for Itiermopleetics and thermosetting plastics used moat frequently in the wslter’spotts ridustry are kited r table I. Tle 2 gives symbols Icr lIbr arid reintorcing mataflals,
4.1.2 b the case of mult4heze maIers, the main components shell be mauLed, blends are separated by a plus sign, copofymers by a diagonal b.
For blende:
For copolymers:
4.1.3 In the case of compound elements, i. inherent compoiaid materials, the nateflat symbols shall be preceded by the designation of the individual parts.
Houslag >POU.c
Wkidow >PC’c
4.14 Wa filler material or reentorcing imiateflal Is used, this shalt be written after the metenal variant. separated by a hyphen (see 4.1.1).
Lf a manure of several filler or reinforcing materials used, these shotild be added ri breckats. separated by a plus sign.
4.1.5 If pasts are made of daflerent materials in the same moofd. C si posatle to n&ate the material used by using a rotatable arrow see figure 1).
4.2 Elastomers (see taNs 3)
4.2.1 Markrng shel be based on the symbols MemallonaHy agreed upon in aocordanoe with ISO 1629.
4.2.2 In th case ol vulcanized malenals based on rUbber blends, the mern components shall be given the order o highest content
42.3 fri the case 01 compound pails, i.e. irderent compound metenals, the mateflal symbols shal be preceded by
11* designation at 0w rndiviciaI perIl,
For a heel:
Ex)edoi layer >fPDM<
InterIor layer >NBR’c
4.3 RecyclIng symbol
If a recyclWig eys*enl exists for the plastic pails. en addsiofl& symbol may also be alocated the form of a dosed trle-arrow 5lTlbOl (see fiQISe 2).
poqwe eq p1OI$ gued qeed p iiew aqj awp sJ.qwnu ijed JO pian 6jmii eqa O puodss euelew p uoqflOa• M, U4JO Z1S .q
-uoqiu6ooei isap cops ci po s ,oqw*s MOM, Aq p.aciou. eq peqe 8uijew sqi peuai ueaq seq ied e woa p eq Atce ue p ieqa Arcs ipns peuoqieod eq pnoqs aqnp sq piqs 6upiew sqj
buppew o poLfley .

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