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ISO 20819-1:2020 download.Plastics-Wood-plastic recycled composites ( WPRC ) Part 1 Specification.
1 Scope
ISO 20819-1 specilies the types and proportions of raw materials to be used Iór wood-plastic recycled composites (hereafter referred to as WPRC). It also specifies the health and safety requirements for WPRC and the methods to test these properties.

This document is applicable to WPRC which are primarily used as building materials.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 472, Plastics — Vocabulary
ISO 12460.4, Wood•based panels — Determination of formaldehyde release — Part 4: Desiccator method
ISO 12846, Water quality — Determination of mercury — Method using atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) with and without enrichment
ISO 13061-1, Physical and mechanical properties of wood — Test methods forsmali clear wood specimens — Part 1: Determination of moisture content for physical and mechanical tests
ISO 16000-3, indoor air — Part 3: Determination offormaldehyde and other carbonyl compounds in indoor air and test chamber air — Active sampling method
ISO 16000-9. Indoor air — Port 9: Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from building products and furnishing — Emission test chamber method
ISO 17294-2, Water quality — Application of ,nductively coupled plasma mass spectrornetry (ICP-MS) — Part 2: Determination of selected elements including uranium isotopes
3 Terms and delinitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 472 and the following apply.
ISO and IEC maintain terminologcal databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
recycled material
woody raw material (4), recycled plastic raw material, or other recyclable material that is disposed of as waste, which can be used as a raw material of wood-plastic recycled composite (ii)
Note 1 to entry: Different national standards regarding raw material of recycled plastics which consist of halogenated flame retardant should be taken into account.
virgin material
plastics and other material in the form of pellets, granules. powder. hoc, etc. that has not been subjected to use or processing other than that required for its initial manufacture
woody raw material
plant-derived virgin woody or herb-based material, or plant-derived secondary product to which some processing such as selection, crushing, or grinding has been applied, or woody material included In a WPRC for re-use, that is used as a raw material of wood-plastic recycled composite (11]
Note 1 to entry: Woody raw material does not include plant-derived plastic materials nor ashes of burned plant- derived niaterials.
other raw material
raw material used in wood-pkzstic recycled composite (3.A) other than woody raw maZerial (3A) and plastic raw material
non-foaming material
wood-plastic recycled composite (ji) that does not contain internal air voids
cellular material
wood-plastic recyded composite (ii) containing internal air voids scattered primarily for the purpose olweight rcducLon
Note 1 to entry: Cellular material caii Include material integrated with a non-Foaming material using methods such as multilayer moulding,
4 Recycled material content
4.1 Indication of the recycled material content
The recycled material content of WPRC is defined as the ratio of the mass of the recycled materials used to the total mass of material, and shall be indicated as a percentage.
The numerical value of the recycled material content shall be rounded off to the nearest integer.
4.2 Classification of the recycled material content
The cbsslficatlon of recycled material content of WPRC and symbols used to Indicate the classification shall be as listed in Table 1.
5 Raw materials
5.1 Traceability of raw materials
Raw matenals for WPRC shall be verified to be virgin materials or recycled materials through documents or other forms certifying their quality when they are accepted.
5.2 Woody raw materials
Woody raw materials accepted as recycled materials shall be dassilied as construction-derived, Industry-derived, forestry-derived. agriculture-derived. logistics-derived or other, as listed in Table AL Table A.2 lists for reference the sources of major items of woody raw materials accepted as recycled materials.
5.3 Plastic raw materials
Plastic raw matenals shall be thermoplastics raw materials as hsted In Table 13. The symbols and abbreviated terms used are given in ISO 1043-1. In addition to those listed in Table B, plastics obtained as waste can also be used as components of WPRC,
5.4 Other raw materials
Other raw materials refer to additives such as lubricants, stabilizers, compatibilisers, pigments and plasticisers.
6 Raw material proportions
6.1 Proportion (mass fraction) of woody raw materials
The proportion of woody raw materials contained In WPRC [WW (%)1 shall be the ratio of the mass of the woody raw materials (mw) to the total mass of WPRC (rn). expressed as a percentage; it is calculated according to Formula (3):
9.2 Health and safety tests
9.2.1 Tests For the volume of volatile substances emitted
The amount of formaldehyde emitted shall be measured using either test Method A 9.2J. a)J or
a) Method A (desiccator method), in accordance with ISO 12460-4. The formaldehyde concentration shall be calculated to one decimal place, and the average of the values obtained from two sets of test pieces shall be rounded to one decimal place.
b Method B emiss,on test chamber method). In accordance with ISO 16000-3 and ISO 16000-9. The formaldehyde emission rate shall be calculated to the nearest whole integer. This test conditions can be adapted to test methods which has already been established by each country. Furthermore, the result of the test method can’t be compared with results of other one
For the volume of toluene, sylene, ethyl benzene, and styrene emitted, tests shall be conducted in accordance with ISO 16000-9.
9.2,2 Toxic substance elution test
Immerse the test pieces in 11 ofdistilled water at 23 C for 24 h. and remove them. Treat the liquid left as the sample liquid. Analyse this sample liquid according to either test Method A 1922 a)J or B I9L2 b)I:
a) Method A: Elution of cadmium. lead, selenium, arsenic and hexava lent chromium shall be measured in accordance with ISO 17294-2; the elution of mercury shall be measured in accordance with
ISO 12H46.
b) Method B: The standard analytical method of each country allowing proper determination of each toxic substance (cadmium, lead, selenium, arsenic, hexavalent ciromium and mercury) shall be carried out.
Perform the same process without test pieces, as a blank test. Calculate the difference between the results of the analyses of the sample liquid and the blank test liquid.
11 Reports
The manufacturer shall submit a performance test report when requested by the user. The manufacturer shall also separately report the items described in Clause 10 in a format agreed between the sending and receiving parties, when requested by the user.
NOTE The purpose of this clause Is to allow users to acquire the necessary inlormation about the WPRC even after delivery. in order to facilitate multiple recyclings of WPRC.

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