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ISO 4036:2000 download.Hexagon thin nuts ( unchamfered ) Product grade B.
ISO 4036 specifies the characteiistics 01 unchamfered hexagon thin nuts, with threads from Ml .6 i to and including M1O and product grade 8
It, in wectaJ cases. specifications other than those listed in ISO 4036 we regLired, they should be selected from existing International Standards, lot example ISO 724. ISO 965-1 and ISO 4759-1.
2 NormaUve references
The following normative documents contain provisions whioh, through reference in ths text, constitute provisions of ISO 4036. For dated references. subsequent amendments to, or revisions of. any of these publications do not apply. However, parties to agreements based on ISO 4036 we encouraged to investigate the posslbdity of applying the most recent editions of the normative documents indicated bebw For undated references, the latest edition of the normatwe document referred to applies Members of ISO and IEC maintain registers of currently valid International Slandards
ISO 225:1983, Fasteners — BoNs, screws. studs and nuts — Symbols and designations of dimenstons
ISO 724:1993, ISO general-purpose metric screw threads — Basic dimensions.
ISO 965.1:1998, ISO general purpose metric screw threads — Tolerances — Pail I: Thmciples and basic data
ISO 3269:l I Fasteners — A iceptance wspeceon.
ISO 4042:1999, Fasteners — Electroplated coatings.
ISO 47591 :2). Tolerances lot fasteners — Part 1: Bofts, screws. studs and nuts — Ftoduct grades 4 Band C
ISO 6157-2:1988, Fasteners — Surface dtsconfinuvbes — Part 2: Mite.
ISO 8839:1985, Mechanical properties of fasteners — Bolts. screws, studs and rwits made otnon-lewous metals.
ISO 8992:1986, Fasteners — General requrrements for bolts, screws, studs and nuts
ISO 10683:—’, Fasteners — Non-elec#oi’yttcaffy applied zinc flake coatings.
3 Dimensions
See Figure 1 and Table 1. Symbols and descriptions of dimensions are defined in ISO 225.
4 Specifications and reference standards
See Table 2.

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