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ISO 630-1:2011 download.Structural steels Part 1 General technical delivery conditions for hot-rolled products.
TPs part at ISO 630 speclltes the general technical delivery condoons (or steel hat end long products (pIatel sections/wide flats end bars) used principaly (or general-purpose structural steels The steels specified in this part at ISO 630 are Intended for use in welded or bolted structures.
The specifIc requwaments for structural steels are given in the individual parts 01150 630
This part of ISO 630 does not mclude the fomowtng structural steels, some of which are covered by other International Standards:
— sheet and strip: rater to ISO IC 17/SC 12 Contlnuous mill flat rolled produds”:
— ti.Eular products: refer to ISO TC 5/SC 1 SIeel tubes
NOTE Lists of standards covered by ISOITC I71SC 12 and ISOTC 5/SC I are evadable on the ISO Web sac
2 Normative references
The foIttng referenced documents are indispensable for ttie applecation of ISO 630-1 For dated references, only the edition cited applIes. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (lndudmg any amendments) applies.
ISO 148-1, Metallic materials — Charpy pendulum impact test — Part 1: Test method
ISO 377, Steel and steel products— Location and prepe ration of samples and test pieces for mechanlcaltesting
ISO 404, Steel and steel products — General technical delivery requirements
ISO 630-2, Structural steels — Part 2: Technical delivery conditions for structural steels for general purposes
ISO 630-3, Stn,ctural steels — Pail 3: TechnIcal delivery conditions for lIne grain structural steels
ISO 630-4, Sfructwal steels — Part 4: Technical delivery conditions for high eld strength quenched and tempered structural steel plates
ISO 657-I, Hot-rolled steel sections — Part 1: Equal-leg angles — Dimensions
ISO 657-2, Hot -rolled steel sections — Part 2: Unequal-leg angles — Dimensions
ISO 657-5, Hot-roIled steel sections — Part 5: Equal-leg angles and unequal-leg angles — Tolerances fi metric arid inch series
ISO 657-11, Hot-roiled steel sections — Part 11: Sloping flange channel sections (Metric series) — Dimensions and sectional properties
ISO 657-15, Hot-rotted steel sections — Pan IS: Sloping flange beam sections (Metric series) — Dimensions and sectional properties
ISO 657-1 6, Hot-rolled steel sections — Part 16; SlopIng flange column sections (Metric series) — Dimensions and sectional properties
6.4 Mechanical properties
6.4.1 General
Under the mspection and testing conditions specified in Clauses 7,8 and 9, and in the delivery condition as specified m 62, mechanical properties shall comply with the relevant requirements given in the Individual parts of ISO 630. Agreement shall be reached, where appropriate, at the time of enquiry and order about the mechanical properties to be acthered to after additional heat treatment such as stress relief (see option 5.2 dl).
6.4.2 Impact properties
Impad properties shall comply with the requirements of the indivduat parts of ISO 630. If specified, the products over 12mm in thickness shall be tested with a fiil-size test piece m accordance with 9.3. If agreed upon at the time of enqtiry arid order, sub-sized test pieces shall be used in the case of nominal product thicknesses of 6 s , 12mm. Impact tests shall not be required for nominal thickness s<6 mm. For sections, thickness refers to the part thickness where test pieces are prepared as specified in ISO 377.
6.4.3 Through-thickness characteristIcs
By agreement. products of the grades and qualities specified in the individual parts of ISO 630 shal comply with one of the improved deformation properties perpendici.dar to the surface of the product as specified in ISO 7778.
6.5 Surface condition
The swface properties shall be in accordance with ISO 7788kw plates and wide flats. ISO 20723 for sections and ISO 9443 for bars. Other swface-conicn standards may be used if agreed upon at the time of enqusy and order
6.6 Internal soundness
By agreement. uitrasonic requirements together with the conditions of thetr verification shall be specified. See 95.
6.7 DimensIons, tolerances on dimensions and shape, and mass
6.7.1 DImensions, and tolerances on dimensions and shape
The nominal dimensions and tolerances on dimensions for the products shall be agreed upon at the lime of enquiry and order, with reference to the dimensional standards listed bel
a) for hot-rolled flat products, see ISO 7452 for plates and ISO 9034 for wide flats;
b) far hot-rolled long products, see ISO 657.1, ISO 857-2, ISO 657-5, ISO 657-il, ISO 657-15, ISO 657-16, ISO 657-19 and ISO 657-21 for sections, or ISO 1035-1 to ISO 1035-4 for bars.
NOTE By asemwnl. the relevant standards shown ‘in Annex A may be used.
6.7.2 Cakulatlon of mass
A density of 7854) kg/rn3 shall be used as the basis for the calculation of the nominal mass from the nominal knensions of all steels In the indlv,dual parts of ISO 630.
7 Inspection
7.1 Types of Inspection and Inspection documents
The products shall be delivered either with specific or non-specific inspection (see ISO 404) as specified in the individual parts of ISO 630 to confirm oonWkance wilh the order and this part of ISO 630.
8.3 Selection and preparation of samples and test pieces
8.3.1 Sampling and sample preparation
Sampling and sample preparation shall be in accordance with the requirements of Iso 377 and ISO 14284.
8.3.2 Preparation of samples and test pieces General
Requirements for the location and onentabon of samples and lest pieces for mechanical tests applicable (or the Individual parts of ISO 630 are given In the following. Test plec.s for th• t•nsil• test One test piece shall be prepared in accordance with ISO 6892-1 for the lensde test from each test Lmll The test piece shall be rectangular unless a circajlar lest piece is permitted, as stated in 8322.3. At least one rolled surface shall be retained on rectangular test pieces. However, both rolled surfaces shall be retained on the test piece in the case of product thicknesses  20 mm. Circular test pieces are permlssdle. but shall only be provided for product thicknesses >20mm. Test piece diameters shall be least 10 mm. Test pieces for the Impact lest
Standard V-notched test pieces shall be prepared from the samples or the knpact test, in accordance with
ISO 148-1 In the case of nominal product thickness 6mm  t  12mm, sub-sized test pieces shall be machined.
The largest possible standard sut-sized test piece (7.5 mm or 5,0 mm) shall be used. Test pieces shall not
be machined for product thicknesses <6 mm, The notch shall be perpendicular to the surface of The product.
9 Test methods
9.1 ChemIcal analysIs
9.1.1 Unless otherwise agreed at the time of enquiry and order, the choice of a suitable analytical method for the chemical analysis shall be at the discretion of the manufacturer.
9.1.2 In case of dispute about analytical methods, the chemical composition shall be determined in accordance with a reference method in one of the International Standards bated in ISO/TS 9769.11 no standard exists, the method to be used shall be agreed between the parties concerned,
9.2 TensIle test
The tensile test shall be carried cut in accordance with ISO 6892-1, generally using a proportional test piece of gauge length L0 = 5.65 J. where .0 is the original cross-sectional area of the test piece Test pieces with a
constant gauge length may be used in this case, the elongation value shall be converted In accordance with ISO 2566-1. The yield strength to be determined shall be the upper yield strength, R, or, wherever this is not pronounced, either the 0,2% proct strength. R,2, or the 0,5% bAal elongation proof strength, R05, may be used
9.3 Impact test
The impact lest on V-notched test pieces shall be carried out in accordance with ISO 148-1. The specifications of the individual parts of ISO 630 shall apply.

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