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ISO 8492:2013 pdf free download.Metallic materials – Tube Flattening test.
1 Scope
ISO 8492 specifies a method fordetermining the abilityof metallic tubes ofcircubrcrusssection to undergo plastic deformation by flattening. It may also be used to reveal the defects in the tubes.
ISO 8492 is applicable to tubes having an outside diameter no greater than 600 mm and a thickness no greater than IS % of the outside diameter. The range of the outside diameter or thickness, for which ISO 8492 Is applicable. may be more exactly specified in the relevant product standard,
2 Symbols, designations and units
Symbols, designations and units for the rlattening test are given in Table 1 and are shown in Figure 1.
3 PrincIple
Flattening the end of a tube or a test piece of specified length, cut from a tube in a direction perpendiciibr to the longitudinal axis of the tube, until the distance between platens measured under load in the direction of flattening reaches a value specified in the relevant product standard [see Figure la) and b)J.
In the case of close flattening, the internal surfaces of the test piece shall be in contact over at least half of the Internal width b of the flattened test piece standard [see Ejgjiejj)l.
4 Testing equipment
Thc test machine is capable of flattening the test piece to the prescribed distance H between two plane. parallel, rigid platens.
The width of the platens shall exceed the width of the test piece after flattening. i.e. at least 1,6 0, and the length of the platens shall extend over the whole length of the test piece.
5 Test piece
5.1 The length of a test piece shall be no less than 10mm and no more than 100 mm. The edges oIthe test piece may be rounded by filing or chamfered by other methods.
NOTE Non-rounded or non-chamfered edges are ermissible lithe test result meets the test requirements.
5.2 When the test is carried out on the end of a full-length tube, the tube shall be cut at right angles to the axis of the tube to a depth of at least 80 % of the tube outside diameter. The cut shall be at a distance from the end of the tube equal to the length of the test piece.
6 Procedure
6.1 In general, the test shall be carried out at ambient temperature within the limits of 10 DC to 35 •C. The test carried out under controlled conditions shall be made at a temperature of 23 DC ± 5 °C.
6.2 Place the test piece between two platens.
6.3 Ensure that the weld olthe welded tubes is in a position as required by the relevant product standard.
6.4 Flatten the test piece by moving the platens in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of
the tube.
6.5 In case of dispute, the rate of movement of the platens shall not exceed 25 mm/mm.
6.6 Interpretation of the flattening test shall be carried out In accordance with the requirements of the relevant product standard. When these requirements are not specified, the test piece shall be considered to have passed the test if no cracks are visible without the use of magnifying aids. Slight cracking at the edges shall not be considered a cause for rejection.
7 Test report
A test report shall be provided when so specified In the relevant product standard. In this case, the test
report shall include at least the following information:
a) a reference to this International Standard, i.e. ISO 8492;
b) Identification of the test piece;
c) dimensions olihe test piece;
d) distance between platens under load (H);
e) position of the weld, if relevant;
f) resultofthetest.

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