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ISO 9956 10:1996 download.Specification and approval of welding procedures for metallic materials — Part 10: Welding procedure specification for electron beam welding.
ISO 9956 10 specifies requirements for the content of welding procedure specifications for electron beam welding.
Variables listed in ISO 9956 10 are those influencing the metallurgy, mechanical properties and the geometry of the welded assembly.
2 NormatIve references
ISO 9956 10 incorporates, by dated or undated reference, provisions from other publications. These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed her.after. For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to ISO 9956 10 only when incorporatid in t by amendment or r.viiion. For undated references the Latest edition of the publication ref erred to applies.
EN 288-1 Specification and approval of welding procedures for metallic materials – Part 1 : General rules for fusion welding
EN 24063 Welding, brazing, soldenng and braze welding of metals – Nomenclature of processes and reference numbers for symbolic representation on drawings (ISO 4063:1992)
pr EN ISO 6947 Welds – Working positions – Definitions of angles of slope end rotation (ISO 6947:1990)
3 DefinitIons
For the purpose of ISO 9956 10, the following definitions apply in addition of those given in
EN 288-1
4.1 G.n.ral
The welding procedure specification (WPS) shall give details of how a welding operation is to be performed and shall contain all revelant information about the welding work.
Welding procedure specifications may cover a certain range of tNcknesses of the joined parts end may also cover a range of parent metals and even tiller metals. Some manufacturers may additionally prefer to prepare work instructions for each specific job as part of the detailed production planning.
The information listed below is adequate for most welding operations. For some applications It may be necessary to supplement or reduce the list. Th. relevant information shall be specified in the WPS.
Ranges and tolerances, according to the manufacturer’s experience, shall be specified when appropriate.
An example of the WPS format is shown in annex A.
4.2 Rdat.d to the manufactur.r
4.2.1 IdentificatIon of th. manufacturer
4.2.2 IdentificatIon of the WPS
4.2.3 Reference to th. welding procedur. approval record (WPAR) or other documents, as required
Identification of the parent materials (and backing plates. if any), preferably by reference to an appropriate standard, and for information type of product (rolled, forged, cast, etc.) shall be provided.
A WPS may cover a group of materials.
4.3.2 Matrials cm•nslons
The following dimensions shell be provided:
– the thickness range of the joint;
• the range of workpiece outside diameters.
4.4 W&dlng process
The welding process number is 76 according to EN 24063.
4.5 JoInt d.slgn
A sketch of the joint design showing configuration, dimensions and tolerances shall be provided.
4.6 WeldIng position
The welding positions shall be designated as specified in EN ISO 6947.
4.7 JoInt prsparatlon
4.9 JIgs. fbctiws and toong
The methods 10 be Used fOr workpiece fixturirig shall b described (Induding manual tad
welding, If used).
4.10 Back andlor front support
Type(s) and dnensions (if any) shall be provided.
4.11 EqLdpm.nt used
Identtftvothin of any equipT,t shall be provided.
4.11.1 Electron b..m welding equipm.nt
4.11.2 Filler material(s) f..dlng system (If any)
Description (schematic) showing design, position of th filier material(s) feeding system in relation to joint, welding direction and welding point shall be provided.
4.12 Fill., or added mat.rl.l(s) (If ny)
The following information shall be provided:
4.12.1 Flbr or added material(s) designation
– Travel direcbon kiduding sPewing;
– travel speed;
– travel speed ramping details (if necessary);
– Mrs/filler fe.d rat., direction, position to be defined and angle (if any).
4.13.3 Other parameters
– Working distance (in millimetre)andlor gun to work distance;
– pressure in the gun (In pascals or mdhbar);
– pressur. in the chamber (in pascals or millibar).
4.14 Th•rrnal conditions
If preheating and/or postheating are required, the respective conditions shall be defined on the WPS. If the electron beam is used for pie- or post- heating the relevant conditions shall be recorded in annex A.
4.15 MagnetIsm
If necessary, the components should be demagnetised using an approved procedure with a reference number.
4.16 Operations after welding
Any mechanical andlor chemical and/or heat treatment shall be defined on the WPS.

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