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ISO IEC 23736-2:2020 download free.Information technology – Digital publishing-EPUB 3.0.1 – Part 2 Publications.
This section defines conformance requirements for EPUB Publications and EPUB Reading Systems at the Rendition level. Conformance requirements particular to specific Publication Resources and processing contexts are located in the specifications referenced herein.
21 Content Conformance
Each Rendition 01 an Bfubhcabon uusr meet all of the foflowing criteria:
All Publication Resources
All Publication Resources uusr be listed in the Package Document (as defined in manifest), adhere to the constraints for Core Media Types and Faliback and be located as per Publication Resource Locations.
The Package Document
It MUST contain exactly one Package Document, which MUST conform to the content requirements defined in Package Document — Content Conformance.
Content Documents
It MUST contain at least one EPUB Content Document confomiant to the content requirements defined in EPUB Content Documents IContentDocs3ol).
The EPUB Navigation Document
It MUST contain exactly one EPUB Navigation Document conformant to the content requirements defined In EPUB Navigation Documents — Content Conformance [ContentDocs3Oll.
EPUB Style Sheets
It wv contain zero or more EPUB Styl e. Sheets conforrnant to the content requirements defined in EPUB Style Sheets — Content Conformance [ContentDocs3olj.
EPUB Pronunciation Lexicons
It MAY contain zero or more PLS Documents conformant to the content requirements defined in PLS Documents — Content Conformance [ContentDocs3Dlj.
Media Overlay Documents
‘It MAY contain zero or more Meda.Qyer!ay Documents conforrnant to the content requirements defined in [MediaOverlays3Olj.
Additional Publication Resources
It MAY contain zero or more Publication Resources in addition to those listed above, each of which MUST adhere to the requirements in All Publication Resources.
prop.rty I required)
A ppey.
Refer to Vocabulary Association Mechanisms for me information.
ref mae (context dependent)
Identifies the expression or resource augmented by this element. The value of the attribute uus’r be a relative IRI [RFC3987] referencing the resource or element It describes.
The rfin. attribute is optional depending on the type of metadata being expressed. When omitted, the ..t. element defines a pcjmaryxpression.
id (optional)
The ID LXML] of this element, which MUST be unique within the document scope.
cb. (optional)
A prgpety data type value indicating the source the value of the element is drawn
leng (optional)
Specifies the language used in the contents and attribute values of the carrying element and Its descendants, as defined in section 212 Langge Identification of
dir (optional)
Specifies the base text direction of the content and attribute values of the carrying element and its descendants.
Inherent directionality specified using (UnicodeJ takes precedence over this attribute. Allowed values are ltr (left-to-right) and rtl (right-to-left).
Content Model
Each ..ta element defines a metadata expression, where the prop.rty attribute defines the statement being made in the expression and the text content of the element represents the assertion.
This specification defines two types of metadata expressions that can be defined using the n.t. element:
A primary expression is one in which the expression defined in the ta element establishes some aspect of the EPUB Publication. A m.ta element that omits a refine, attribute defines a primary expression.
A subexpression is one in which the expression defined in the met. element enhances the meaning of the expression or resource referenced in Its ref io.s attribute. A subexpression MAY
refine a media dip, for example, by expressing its duration, or refine a creator or contributor expression by defining the person’s role.
Subexpresslons are not limited to refining only primary expressions and resources; they v be used to refine the meaning of other subexpressions, thereby creating chains of information.
All of the LDCMESI elements represent primary expressions, and permit refinement by ta element subexpressions.
This specification reserves a set of vocabulpnes for use in the property attribute, but terms from any vocabulary wv be used so long as a prefix is declared for the vocabulary.
The …. attribute can be used to identify the system or scheme that a ..t. elemenrs value is drawn from. The value of the seem. attribute is a prpeity data type that resolves to the resource that defines the scheme.
The foHowng example shows how a subexpression can be attached to an creator to indicate it represents an author. The schem. Indicates the value Is drawn from the MARC relators terms.
<metadata crn1ns:dc=””>
<dc:creator id=”creator”>Haruki Murakami</dc :creat.or> <meta ref ines=”creacor” property=rolee acheme=”marc:relatorsM
If a Reading System does not recognize the scheme attribute value, It SHOULD treat the value of the element as a siring.
Reading Systems siouio ignore all ..ta elements whose property attributes define expressions they do not recognize. A Reading System MUST NOT fail when encountering unknown expressions.
In order to ensure that a Release Identifier can be constructed, the tadat.a element MUST contain exactly one ..e element defining a [DCTERMSJ .tri.a property for the given Rendition. Additional medifi.d properties MAY be Induded, but they uust have a different subject (i.e., they MusT Indude a r.tis.s attribute that references an element or resource).
Every .t. element MUST express a value that is at least one character in length after wtiitespace normalization.
Unless an individual property explicitly defines a different whitespace normalization algorithm, Reading Systems MUST trim all leading and trailing whitespace from the met. element values, as defined by the XML specification [XMLI, before further processing them.
..dLa-ov.rL.y I optional)
An IDREF [XML! that Identifies the MediaQyerayPocum’et for the resource described by this t.
Refer to Packagiag [MediaOvertays3O’tj for mote Information.
Content Model
Each it.. element in the .aai..t identifies a Publication Resource by the IRI provided In its hr.f attribute. The IRI wv be absolute or relative. In the case of relative IRIs, Reading Systems MUST use the IRI of the Package Document as the base when resolving these to absolute IRIs. The resulting absolute IRI MUST be unique within the .aaift scope.
All Publ4cation Resources tiqus’r be referenced from the ..&ie..t, regardless of whether they are included in the EPUB Container or made available remotely, Refer to Publication Resource Locations for media type-specific requirements regarding resource locations.
The Publication Resource identified by an it.. element MUST conform to the applicable specification(s) as inferred from the MIME media type provided in the ..ia-typ. attribute. Core Media Type Resources MUST use the media type designated In EPUB Core Media Typ.
All Foreign Resources MUST provide a faliback as defined in Restrictions and Fallbacks.
All Publication Resources MUST declare any applicable descnptive nietadata properties as defined In Manifest it.. Properties via the it element attribute. Exactly one it uusr be declared as the EPUB Navigation Document u&ng the av property.
Reading Systems MUST ignore all descriptive metadata properties that they do not recognize.
The ..aif..t Is not self-referencing: it MUST iblot indude an it.. element that refers to the Package Document itself.

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