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ISO IEC 7350:1991 download free.Information technology — Registration of repertoires of graphic characters from ISO/IEC 10367.
1 Scope
ISO IEC 7350 specifies the procedures to he followed In preparing, publishing, and maintaining a register of graphic character repertoires which aie composed entirely of graphic characters from ISo 1034)7. The coded repiesentalion of the characters of such repertoires is not prescribed by the entries in the register.
The SPACL characici is deemed to he available with any repertoire.
A numeric identifier shall be assigned to each registered repertoire. It is intended to be used as a paiamtter value of the contiol function IDENTIFY GRAPHIC SUBREPERTOIRE (IGS) defined in ISO 6429. The numeric identifier may also be used in communication protocols and for visual identification by human operators.
2 Normative references
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this tent, constitute provisions of ISO IEC 7350. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on ISO IEC 7350 are encouraged to investigate the posiihility of applying the most recent editions of the standards indicated below. Members of IEC and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
ISO 6429: 1988, Information processing Control functions for 7-hit and 8 bit coded character sets. ISO 6937: 1983, Information processing – Coded character sets for text commw,ication.
ISO/IEC 10367: 1991, Infornialiun icchnohigy – Standardized coded graphic character sets for use in 8-bit codes.
3 Definition of a repertoire
A repertoire shall consist at graphic characters from ISO/IhU 103b7 as follows:
a) the characters of the GO set, and
b) the characters of any number of supplementary sets ezcept thai of ISO 6937; or:
c) the characters of the (10 set, and
d) the characters of any number of the supplementary sets chosen from the Arabic. Cyrillic. Greek. hebrew or Basic IIot Drawings supplementary sets, and
e) a subrepertoire of the repertoire associated with the supplementary set of ISO 6937,
NOTl- ThL ubreptritiirc ,1 ISO t#?37 Iicdy ,eg.’irred in ordne with the first edition of ISO 73541 are not in accordance with the atve definition, They re retainid for reaon ol cnniinuhy.
A repertoire may, after registration, he identified by a single IGS selective parameter value.
The character SPACE is deemed to be always available with any repertoire and, therefore, is not to be specified in the tables of repertoires submitted for registration.
The numeric identifier assigned o a repertoire in accordance with this International Standard shall serve as an identification of the repertoire. Apart from such identification, registration shall not affect the status of the repertoire.
4 Registration Authority 1)
4.1 The Registration Authority shall maintain a register of graphic characier repertoires and of their assigned numeric identifiers. The contents of this register shall be available to ISO/IEC National Bodies and organizations having liaison status with ISO/IEC or with any of their technical committees or subcommittees.
4.2 With regard to the assignment of numeric identifiers to repertoires and of subsequent additions of repertoires to the register, the responsibilities of the Registration Authority shall be
a) to receive from Sponsoring Authorities proposals of graphic repertoires to be assigned numeric identifiers;
b) to ascertain that each proposal complies with clause 3,
c) to circulate proposals to the National Bodies of the sub-committee concerned with coding for a 3- month period for information and comments:
d) to take into account the comments received and where possible to integrate them in the final documents;
e) to assign the next available number to be used as a numeric identifier when Lhc proposal complies with the rules, unless the list of characters in the repertoire is identical to an already registered repertoire in which case the existing numeric identifier shall be assigned;
f) to promulgate to all National Bodies and liaison organizations of ISO/EEC the graphic character repertoires and the numeric identifier that has been assigned to each repertoire;
g) to inform the appropriate Sponsoring Authority when a proposal does not comply with the rules. A criucal concept in the registration process is that the contents of an individual registration is never changed or deleted once it has been registered (except for editorial errors). This is contrasted with a standard which must be reviewed and/or revised periodically. When a standard is revised that has been used as the basis for a repertoire. the repertoire is not changed in the register. If the Sponsoring Authority desires recognition of such a revision, a new registration proposal shall be made by following the normal procedures.
c) to effect such rationalization or coordination of these proposals as they may desire;
d) to forward to the Registration Authority those proposals that have their support;
e) to make known within their respective countries or organizations the results of the registration procedure as transmitted to them by the Registration Authority.
5.3 Proposals shall be forwarded to the Registration Authority on Form No. I or Form No. 2. as appropriate, see annex II.
6 Rules for proposals
6.1 Proposals shall Where to the rules for defining repertoires contained in clause 3.
6.2 lIthe pioposat Is based on an approved standard of all ISO/IEC National Body or of an international organization, the proposal shall include the title of that standard as well as the name of the standards body thai approved it 4mnd the date of its approval.
6.3 The proposal shall include an indication of the application area, typically the name of a country and/or the name of a natural language.
6.4 More than one repertoire may be registered relating to a natural language, country, or standard.
6.5 II a proposal contains graphic characters from the rcpcrloire of the supplementary sd of ISO 6937 (see 3c to 3e), it shall list these graphic characters using the names they have in the list of Form 2 (see annex H). Addition;tl names or descriptions for a character may he included in a separate part of the reg.sration form if they occur in the standard on which the proposal is based.
6.6 The characier peitaining to the repertoire associated with the supplementary set of ISO 6937 shall be specified in the stne o.der as in the list of annex B, so that ii is easier to determine if two repertoires are identical.
7.2 If at least four National Bodies of the sub-committee concerned with coding, object to a forthcoming publication of a registration by the Registration Authority, but solely on the ground that the requirements of clause 3 are not met.
7.3 Appeals shall he filed with the Registration Authority by registered mail
– either within 30 days of reception of the refusal of the Registration Authority;
– or before the end of the circulation perixi.
7.4 Appeals shall be submitted by the Registration Authority within 30 days after reception in the case of 7. 1 or a the end of the circulation period in the case of 7.2 to the members of the Advisory Group (see annex A). If the matter cannot be resolved by the Advisory Group, the appeal will be submitted to the Pmembers of the sub-committee for vote according to 3.4.2 of the Directives for the technical work of ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee I (JTC I) on Information Technology.

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