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ISO TR 23462:2007 download free.Space systems – Guidelines to define the management framework for a space project.
Many documents exist which address programme/project management, and elements of these are also addressed in ISO 14300-1 and ISO 14300-2. This Technical Report complements the aforementioned documents by providing an overall concise, single source approach for establishing the basis for managing a specific programme/project.
The aim of this Technical Report is to:
help the programme/project manager to prepare the programme/project specific management framework, as an input to be used for developing detailed programme/project management plans;
promote consistency and best practice in an organization;
minimize planning omissions, thus reducing risks:
— be used as a top level document, in conjunction with the application of standards in space programme/project management;
facilitate a harmonized approach to decision making in the field of space programme/project management.
This Technical Report supports the application of ISO 14300-1 and ISO 14300-2.
I Scope
This Technical Report provides a framework within which an organtzalon can eztabhsh the basis for the development of programme/project management specifications and plans when undertaking the execution of a specific pr ramme/project It enables the programme/project manager to establish th criteria for programme/pro,ect success and to secure the organizations commitment to the programm&ptoect managers management approach for the overaU programme/project and its constituent elements It mcludes guidelines leading to the establishment of a programme/project management framework, and identification of practices to be applied. FoloMng these guidelines also results wi traceability of the considerations and decisions on why and how the programme/project is conducted according to Its specific characteristics.
This Technical Report provides a holistic approach For prograrnmelproject managers to apply their organlzations programni&pioØct management practices when defining the management framework for programme/project plannrng. It is based on a systematic method of
defining the programme/project objectives and success criteria,
— identifying and elaborating the specific characteristics of their programme/profect
— specifying the management elements needed,
— establishing and agreeing the management approaches to be miplemented.
— compiling these ilto a programmeiproject management framework document.
The guidelines in this Technical Report we applicable to any organization undertaking the execution of space
2 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply
management approaches
considerations developed for management elements
NOTE tlanag.ment approaches are used In .stbshing the nnwlproject management framework
programme/project management framework
collection of management approaches defined for programme/project management elements
NOTE The programm.iproject management Iramawodi w used as a reference baSis upon which to establish programme/project management plans.
programmelproject characteristic
description of an attribute, specific to a programme/project
NOTE Programmelproject characteristics are considered when determining management approaches to the programme/project management elements.
programme/project management element
part of programme/project management, relevant to the setting-up, planning and associated processes, for which the management approaches are elaborated
3 Process to establish the programme/project management framework
The process and the steps involved in the preparation of the programme/project management framework are illustrated in the flowchart in Figure 1.
This flowchart guides the programme/project manager, the project team and other actors through the interdisciplinary and iterative activities of defining objectives, characterization and planning for the performance of the functions relevant to each identified programme/project management element. The approaches Incorporated into the programme/project management framework document, which are subject to agreement by the organization hierarchy, support actors and customers where applicable.
4 Process implementation guidelines
4.1 General guidelines
The guidelines in this section are numbered. Each numbered guideline is composed of the wording of the guidelines proper, and accompanied by an explanatory text attached to the general guideline (aim) and to the expected output.
4.2 Establishing the programmelproject management framework document
4.2.1 General
The programme/project management framework document preparation should be performed in accordance with the seven-step process illustrated in Figure 1.
— Aim: to perform systematically the tasks required for the establishment of the programme/project management framework.
— Expected output: programme/project management framework document.
4.2.2 Step 1: DefIning programmelproject objectives and success criteria
The programme/project manager should define the mission objectives: overall technical, cost and schedule performance, and the related mission success criteria. This should include the assessment and comparative analysis of options, taking into account parameters for safety, reliability and quality, aiming at defining as many verifiable requirements at this stage of the project as possible.
– Aim: to ensure that all actors clearly understand the goals of the programme/project.
Expected output: documented description of the overall programme/project objectives, tied to the mission success criteria.
and short duration programme1proec* mlt suggest a mwm& approach, with less and lsghter requirements. and a high price programme/protect more comprehensive requirements. However, when considering that, for example, a low price and short duration programme/project cames significant risks due to technology iiimaturity. this may lead to a more comprehensive approach, which e sin,dar to the approach applied to a high price and longer duration programme/protect
The impact of the characteristics also varies in its influence on the different management elements. e.g. the contract type has a great inlk*nce on the cost management approach, but less mpact on the schedule management approach.
4.2.6 Step 5: Agree4ng approaches to programme/project management elements
The programme/project manager, hisiher hierarchy and any organizational unit provldmg any required support, should review the proposed approaches, consider the attemativee. and agree on the preferred approach.
— Aim: to secLwe agreement by the relevant actors for the proposed progtamme/proect management approaches for each management element.
— Expected output; signed management approaches for each programme!proect management element
4.2.7 Step 6: Conipting and coordinating programme/project management framework document
The programme/project manager should compile and coordinate the content of the programme/pro,ect management framework document from the agreed approaches for each management element.
— Aim: to provide a reference document for the elaboration of the programme4roject management plans.
Expected output: programme/protect management framework document.
4.2.8 Step?: Providing the programm&proj.ct management framework document as Input to programmelproject management plan
The programme/project manager should furnish the agreed programme/project management framework document to hisilier project team.
— Aim: to enable the preparation of detaded programme/project plans Expected output; detaded programme/project planning rebated
4.3 MaIntaining the programmelproject management framework document
The p ammelproject manager should update the management framework document and submit It for agreement by the actors agreeing the original approaches throughout the life of the programm&pmect whenever a significant change requiting the agreement of the hierarchy or other actors arises.
— Aim: to keep the programmefpco,ec* management framework document to date.
— Expected output current programme/project management framework document.

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