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ISO 9725:1992 download free.Nickel and nickel alloy forgings.
ISO 9725 specifles requirements for nickel and nickel alloy lorgings for general purposes.
NOTE I BMs used for the manufacture at Sorgings conform to the reqiirements for be. to be further workd by the purdaw, sp.cled In sLtdaue. 5.2 of ISO 97231912
2 Normally.
The following standards contain provisions which. through reference In this text, constitute provisions of ISO 9725. At the lime of publication, the editions Indicated were valid. All standards are sub)ect to revision, and parties to agreements based on ISO 9725 are encouraged to Investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards Indicated below. Members of IEC and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
ISO/R 204.1961, Non-Interrupted creep testing ol steel t elevated temperatures.
ISO/R 206 1961. Creep stress rupture testIng of sleet at elevated temperatures
ISO 0372-1:1980. NIckel nd nickel alloys — Trms end definitions — Pert 1: Materials.
ISO 6372.3:1089, NIckel and nickel alloys — Terms and definitions — Pail 3 Wrought products and castings.
ISO 68921984. MetallIc materials — Tensile testing.
Orders Joe Jorgings according to ISO 9725 shall include the Jollowing intormatlon.
5.1 The numb.r of this International Standard.
5.2 QuantIty (mass or number of pieces).
5.3 Alloy IdentIficatIon (see table 1).
NOTE 2 For alloy dnb%catlon, ithsr th. number or th. dwrp(lon may be used
5.4 Alloy temper (see table 2).
5.5 DImensions and tolerances: marked on the sketch or drawing.
5.6 Specify P purchaser wI heat treat the product.
5.7 OptIonal requirements:
a) samples for product analysis (see 7.1.2).
b) type attest sample (see 7.2).
c) determination of I % proof stress. (see 92.3);
d) hardness as acceptance test (see 61.6);
e) individual forging marking see 102),
f) purchaser or third party inspection (see clause 11):
g) declaration of conlormity (see clause 12),
6 R.qulrements
6.1 RequIrements for forgings heat treated by the manufacturer
Unless required in the hot-finished temper, girigs shall be supplied In the annealed, solution treated or solution and precipitation treated temper.
Unless otherwise specified. preclpitation-hardenable alloy forging. shall be supplied in the solution treated temper.
6.1.1 CompositIon
Heat analysis shall meet the composition limits specified In table 1.
The composition limits do not preclude the possible presence of other elements that are not specified. If the purchaser’s requirements necessitate limits for any other element that is not specified, these shall
any other element that Is not specified, these shall be agreed between the purchaser and the supplier. Th. percentag. content 01 elements shown as r.matnder shall be calculated by difference from
Unless otherwise specified. forgngs to be heat treated by the purchaser shall be supplied In the hot-worked temper
6.2.3 alloys
The supplier at precipitation-hardenable alloy Sorgings shall demonstrate the capabilIty 01 meeting the requirements specified In lable 2 and/or table 4. by testing samples heat treated In accordance with table 3.
6.2.4 Dlminslonal tolerances
Demenshonal tolerances shall conform to the requirements spclfled on the order form or drawing.
6.2.5 Surface condition
Forgings shall be clean and free from detrimental surface imperfections.
NOTE 4 Vr. approprialo. the aiip(anc. crit.cia .hoed be agreed botween the purchaser and the suppIir.
7 SamplIng
7.1 ChemIcal analysis
7.1.1 Representative heat analysis samples shall be taken during pouring or subsequent processing.
7.1.2 Product analysis samples shall be taken from the finished product.
7.2 Tensile, creep or stress ruptur. test
Test specimens shall be taken either as separate test samples (see 72.1), as Integral test samples (see 1.22) or as t•st samples machined from the dy of the lorgIngs,
Unless otherwise specified, the sampling procedure and the locatIon 01 samples representing the lot shall be at the option of the supplier,
7.2.1 Separate test samples shall be prepared from the same heat from which the forgings are made and forged to obtain samples Separate test samples shall be Identifiable to the torgings they repro. sent
9.6 Retest.
If any one of the t5t pieces first selected falls to pass the specified tests, two further samples from the same lot shall be selected for testing, one of which shall be from the original forging tested. un- less that forging has been withdrawn by the supplier If the test pieces from both these additional samples pass, the lot represented by the test samples shall be deemed to comply with the requirements of thi. International Standard If the test pieces from either of these additional samples fall, the lot represented by these samples shall be deemed not to comply with the requirements of this lnt.rnational Standard.
10 MarkIng
10.1 Each shipping container shall be marked with the number of this International Standard, the alloy identification (either the number or the description), heat-treated condition, drawing number, the gross, tare and net weight, the consigner and consignee address, contract or order number, and any other Information requested In the contract or order.,
10.2 If agreed between the purchaser and supplier, the supplier shall mark each forging with the number of this International Standard, the alloy ldentlflcation (either the designation or the UNS-Number), the heat number and the manufacturer’s name. The method of marking will be at the option of the supplier. unless otherwise agreed. Marking shall not result in harmful conlaminahon.
11 Purchasr or third party Insp.ctlon
On-site inspection of lorgengs by the purchaser or third parties shall be in accordance with agreements made between the purchaser and the supplier as part of the purchase contract.
12 D.claretlon of conformity
When requested by the purchaser In the contract or order, the supplier shall certify that the forgings were manufactured and tested In accordance with ISO 9725. The declaration of conforrnily shall detail the heat treatment applied to the forging. and/or the test samples and the results of all tests required by this International Standard and the order.,

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